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Who was and who is Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi had no use for 'lectures' or philosophy. In fact, he was philosophy-himself. He had no teachings. He was teachings.

He spent most of his bodily life (1879-1950) in the Sacred Hill of Arunachala, India, helping with his presence thousands of devotees who went to see him, and guiding them with verbal suggestions, with his own example, and with the Power of his Silence (it may 'sound' incredible in these days!). Click on 'Experiences of devotees' (especially the first experience related) to understand.


Ramana Maharshi was living philosophy.

But -you could ask- what is the use of all this for me? I have enough of sages, saints, etc. They talk, and talk, and talk, but all this does not mean anything to me.

Well, are you happy in this moment? If your answer is "Not, not too much", you can give a look to the whole site (especially to the 'Experiences of devotees' part). If your answer is "Yes, I am happy all the time, or most of the time", you can give a look to this site in any case. Maybe you find something of interesting.

A life of action...

   The life of action need not to be renounced. If you will meditate one hour or two every day (in the right way), you can then carry on your duties. If you meditate in the right manner, than the current of mind induced will continue to flow even in the midst of your work. It is as though there were two ways of expressing the same idea; the same line which you take in meditation will be expressed in your activities.

    As you go on you will find that your attitude towards people, events and objects will gradually change. Your actions will tend to follow your meditations of their own accord.

    A man who is advancing will begin to enjoy the deeper beatitude, whether he is at work of not. While his hands are in society, he keeps his head cool in solitude.

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